About me

Years ago the idea of making something out of old magazines, books and newspaper gave me a totally new insight. The transformation of this material in a piece of Jewelry or decoration accessory wasn’t only recycled, it were repurposed.

After that moment the creation process began and it only gets better…and better!

Crafts always has been my fascination and joy, I am in constantly creativity mode seeking for new materials and techniques as: Tatting, Crochet, Beading, Clay and of course the famous “Paper Work” a whole distinct and unique project.

Hoping to be able to inspire others I created Jera Arts and Crafts what is also field to try new platforms of Web Design actually my primary activity and career. This Website is my work and I really enjoy doing it.

When I’m not creating or learning something new, my best way to spend some time will be: reading, hula-hooping, playing with my cats and dog, and joking around with my boyfriend.

As the time passes, many more could be added and I will continue to reinvent myself having fun and enjoying life.

Always grateful,

Soraya V