Twitter Story

People are asking: how Twitter found me. That’s a very interesting story, and to be honest, I didn’t know all the details at first.

I saw Twitter’s post on Facebook, Alley Cat Allies (a cat advocacy organization), looking for a forever home for Her.

Immediately, I wanted to adopt her!

Twitter – Facebook Post 2014

Alley Cat Allies post, didn’t mention all details about Twitter, and later on I found the description below on Petfinder:

“Twitter is a 1-year-old, DSH “torbie” female with a pink nose and yellow eyes. Her coloration is unique and beautiful and is perfectly complemented by her lovely demeanor. We first met Twitter when actress Mara Wilson saw her at the Boardwalk and shared a photo of this friendly cat on Twitter. When we went to the Boardwalk to investigate, we found her approaching strangers, apparently searching for her people, who either lost her or abandoned her on the Boardwalk. She seemed very happy to be rescued, and was starving. She went directly to a foster home and after a good night’s sleep in a warm bed it was off to the vet for spaying and vaccinations. Twitter is very social and affectionate, and even on short acquaintance likes to sit on your lap. She’s a chatty girl and no matter what you say to her, she has to have the last meow. When she’s not on your lap, she’s jumping up to the highest point that she can find in the room and insists on sleeping right beside you at bedtime. She also has the usual cat attraction for computer keyboards. She’s a sweet girl who loves people”

– Petfinder

Twitter is exactly like this!

The sad part was the fact she was starving and lost…but not anymore. Now she has 2 meals a day and afternoon snacks… hahaha
Still has to have the last MEOW.

More pictures when Twitter finally arrived, she had a long trip and surprisingly, she felt completely at HOME, as you can see in the pictures below:

Twitter arrived – August 2014
Twitter four months after she arrived

Thanks to actress Mara Wilson and Alley Cat Allies, Twitter was placed in a safety place first (foster home) until find her permanent family 🙂

I hope you enjoy Twitter’s journey and next time you see a cute cat lost don’t hesitate to post in your social media, we never know the power of the Internet.

Twitter The Ultimate Cat

P.S.: By the way, Twitter’s name was given after the actress, Mara Wilson, shared a picture of a friendly cat on her Twitter.

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